(Request Filled) - Different widget for name tag/health based if they belong to your team

Request filled - Player Tag-Health different for 2 teams I really need a package that displays a different name/health widget for each team. I have a couple of different use cases for this. So for instance in one game Team 1 and Team 2 are a distance away from each other and there’s no way for them to get close to each other. I still want both teams to be able to see each players name tags and health bars so they need to be large enough to see from a great distance. But I don’t want these large name tags and health bars to be shown as large to their team mates as they’ll all be close to them. So the system needs to be able to show large name tags/health bars to team 2 and normal sized name tags/health bars to team 1.

Another use case for this is to make it easier to know who your team mates are in multiplayer games If you could always have your team mates with blue name tags and the enemy team with red name tags, then you’d never have to check which team you’re in a game where the teams change every round as you’d always just have to shoot players with a red name tag. You can see in the below screenshot that the red name signifies that they’re on the enemy team and the blue tag is your team mate.

I’d really like to see this package made with lots of customisation so it can be made for loads of different multiplayer games. So options for colour/size/transparency and if the widget shows when obstructed by a mesh/voxel or not (It’s nice to always be able to see the location of your team mates)

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Who made this? Awesome idea!

Wes made it for me, it’s a great package for multiplayer team games.

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