(Request Filled) Projectile script for the new gun update

I really need a projectile script that uses raycasting that’ll work with the expected updated gun package.

I currently use the projectile script from Andy’s tutorial video: Crayta Tutorial: Projectile weapons 1.01 - YouTube This method uses triggers to know when a projectile hits a player but this won’t be as effective as raycasting or make use of all the features of the new gun update. Also you can only make the projectile fire so fast before the trigger doesn’t interact with a surface.

I’ve tried using the projectile script included in AdamO’s rocket launcher package: (Request Filled) Projectile script for the new gun update but that doesn’t work as it is.

Thank you.

Hi Mark, we will be providing a script similar to the one AdamO created but should be updated to use the correct function call and a couple of other changes to make it more helpful to creators. It should be included in the new battle pass.

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Thank you for the update, can’t wait for this update to drop :+1::+1: