(Request Filled) Upgrade player abilities between rounds for every player on a losing team

Edit - Request filled

So this package would be for round based games, where players can win a round. To help balance abilities up for the next round a small upgrade should be added to any of the players who didn’t win the last round.

This will make things for exciting in the next round, the player who didn’t win last round has a small advantage because their player will have improved abilities and the player on the winning team has more of a challenge the next round to overcome this. These improvements upgrades should happen every round with the creator having the properties to chose what abilities to upgrade, how quickly they upgrade and the cap for the maximum amounts. These values aren’t to be saved between play sessions.

Suggestions for the upgrades are below:

Health (Based on the Official Health Package)
hp (What the health amount starts at)
recoverRate (How quickly health recovers)
recoverDelay (The delay before health recovers)
maxHp (Increasing the amount of health you can have)

Speed Multiplier
Jump Height Multiplier

*Projectiles (Using Official Rocket Launcher projectileScript) *
Damage radius
Damage Amount

I have a few shooter games and this would be a fantastic package for all of them, I would also incorporate with new shooter games. It would also be nice for a little UI pop up showing what’s been upgraded but that’s not essential.