[Resolved] - Item pickup option by radius vs by cursor target?

in some games, if the player is within a radius of an object, they can pick up an object by pressing X. any idea how to do this in crayta?

desired behavior:

  1. player gets within x distance (radius) of an object to interact.
  2. the object prompts "Press to ".
  3. the user presses “X”
  4. the player faces the object
  5. (optionally) the player crouches
  6. the player picks up the object or interacts with it.
  7. the pickup or interaction could be instant or for Y seconds or split seconds.

Thanks AdamO for making the package.

It seems you’ve go your question/request answered… I am curios since I was looking for a similar functionality for, for what we were doing, but I do not see the solution, nor the package you referring to.

Maybe because I am new, so I may miss details here and there and I am not familiar on where to look for stuff yet… but in the spirit of this forum, could you direct me on where to read about the solution given to you!?

Interaction distance comes default on the Player template, rather than being an installable package. You can find the setting in Player → Interaction Range and set the amount to whatever distance you want.