Resource Isle Tycoon [Previously TRPG]

Game Information

Stadia/EGS Name: Stadia: Slaying#3222 … Epic Games: Slaying_
Contributors: Slaying & TheDeveloper
Game Name: TRPG
Game Description: A unique take on the Tycoon genre. Made for the Game Jam Nov. 2021 by Slaying and TheDeveloper.
Share link: Play now @ Crayta
Tags: Tycoon, RPG, Atmospheric, Adventure, Open World, Exploration
Special thanks to: Vilva → Music Player


Welcome adventurer! TRPG is a game where you create your own resource-producing vacation Island!

Next, you will learn about “Plots”, “Nodes”, and the “Queue”, to help you get started on your journey.

Getting Started

  1. Plots - Land that you can build on.

    • Two sizes: Small and Large.
    • Each size has separate building options.
  2. Nodes - Buildings that generate resources and can be upgraded for faster production, higher capacity, and overall better resource yield.

    • There are currently 9 purchasable/upgradeable nodes in the game:

      • Blacksmith
      • Quarry
      • Mineshaft
      • Garden
      • Alchemy Hut
      • Trapper
      • Tiki Bar
      • Dance Floor
      • Fisher
    • Each node has its own upgrade path, allowing a sense of progression and end goal.

    • Some nodes feature an additional (and expensive) “High-tech” upgrade variant, which is the last purchasable upgrade.

    • Resources can be sold at the Merchant Wagon for gold. In return, you can use your gold to purchase more Nodes or upgrade existing Nodes.

  3. Queue - Multiple players can own a Node in the same exact Plot, but only one player’s Node can be shown and collected from at a time.

    • If you are the only player in the game, you will be able to view and collect from all of your Nodes.

    • When more than one player is in the game, there is a Queue which determines whether or not you can purchase a Node (or view your Node if you’ve already purchased one) on a certain Plot.

    • The Queue is first come first serve - As long as you are standing within the general proximity of your Node, it shall remain until you leave the area.

    • If you leave the area of your Node, another player is free to build a Node, or view their already purchased Node.

    • You’ll always keep ownership of all of your nodes - You just may not always be able to access them, until the Plot is available again in the Queue.





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The first update to TRPG is here! :smiley:

Notable bug fix/change:

  • Fix to the loading/visibility of Nodes. Nodes should no longer disappear in and out, unless another player has taken the Plot as per the Queue.
  • Temporarily disabled user interaction with Tiki Torches & Candles

Main additions:

  • New inventory & shop UI!
  • Meshes added to all items - You can now hold your items!
  • Added leaderboard which tracks the all time top earners
  • Added resource generation & collection - Ores & Fruits!
  • Additional items have been added and the following Nodes now reward unique items based on their upgrade level:
    • Blacksmith - tin ore, copper ore, iron ore, silver ore, gold ore, fusion ore
    • Mineshaft - bronze bar, iron bar, silver bar, gold bar, fusion bar
    • Fisher - starfish, trout, perch, salmon
  • Added an additional upgrade tier to Blacksmith & Fisher
  • Added a new Fishing area with (3) available spots for Fisher Nodes!
  • Added a new Mine area inside the Island that contains resources
  • Added new/alternative paths around the Island to improve accessibility
  • Updated help tutorial with additional information
  • Updated prices of all Nodes and Node upgrades (The Game Jam submission version had low pricing so that users could test/see all game content in a timely manner)
  • All user Save Data reset - As the Game Jam submission version wasn’t necessarily an official release.

Other bug fix/changes:

  • Fixed 2 never disappearing drinks from showing up at bottom of collect chest on all Tiki Bar Nodes
  • Fixed Gold Ore extruding from collect chest on all Mineshaft Nodes
  • Fixed naming issue with Lanterns in Blacksmith (Changed from Campfire to Lantern)
  • Fixed naming issue with action text on Light Switches in High-tech Blacksmith, Quarry, Mineshaft (changed from Extenguish/Lit to Turn Off/Turn On)
  • Fixed naming issue with High-tech Quarry Door (changed from Mineshaft Door to Quarry Door)
  • Fixed placement/position of doors on High-tech buildings
  • Fixed naming issue with Blacksmith Nodes (Changed from Quarry to Blacksmith)
  • Fixed Knight phasing through collection chest on Blacksmith2 Node
  • Fixed naming issue with Quarry (Changed from Blacksmithffff to Quarry)
  • Fixed High tech Blacksmith chest and sign clipping into building frame
  • Fixed High tech Mineshaft drill not spinning
  • Fixed minecart on Mineshaft blocking upgrade and sell sign
  • Fixed Mineshaft3 prohibiting collection from chest
  • Fixed town board extruding under the ground by one voxel
  • Fixed Bar5 (High-tech Tiki Bar) not being purchasable
  • Fixed collect display name on Bar5 (changed from Rocks to Tiki Drink)
  • Fixed display name of lanterns on AlchemyHut0, AlchemyHut1, AlchemyHut2, Quarry4
  • Fixed unintended Bar2 inside of Bar3, Bar upgrades should work as intended now
  • Fixed 2 plots on top of island that were too high
  • Removed trashbin from Quarry
  • Replaced unintended ? with " in the help tutorial
  • Replaced wheat meshes with wheat voxel mesh on all Gardens to reduce entity count
  • Added various shells to the beach sand
  • Added rocking to canoe at port
  • Added moving shark to the water
  • Added inventory space (Increased from 5 to 9)

Media showcasing some of the update:

Mini update released today to take advantage of the new meshes:

  • New dragon area with Dragon Eggs :dragon:

  • Blacksmith

    • Replaced voxel anvil
    • Replaced sword on anvil
    • Replaced shield on knight statue
    • Added sign to Blacksmith tier 2 & 3
  • Alchemy Hut

    • Additional potions have been added: Health, Mana, and Stamina and are rewarded as collects as per the upgrade level.
  • Berry bushes and toadstools added to forest area

Bug fix:

  • Fixed collection on High-tech Tiki Bar

Balance changes:

  • Respawn time for tin ore increased
  • Buffed value of meat (Increased from 30 to 37)

Other changes:

  • Updated play guide to include Fisher nodes
  • Added dragon statue to top of mountain
  • Added mine entrance to inside of the mountain
  • Added candles to inside of the mine
  • Replaced mine entrance on outside of mountain


Quick update for anybody affected by these bugs in TRPG:

  • Save functionality has been restored for affected players
  • All collection chests are back in working order, and should not become stuck on Processing…

Thanks to TheDev’s awesome work, and Tumbak pointing this out :crossed_swords:

The Winter Update is out now!

What’s new:

  • Greatly improved framerate performance and stability
  • Updated Island to celebrate the Holidays & winter time
  • Updated UI to show upgrade costs & sell values for Nodes
  • Music player to really set the atmosphere
  • Overhaul to the collection of ground resources
    • All ground resources (mushrooms, berries, wood, etc.) on the Island are now collectible!
    • Trees / Ore can now be chopped down & mined with tools
    • Intermittent collection & flickering UI has been resolved
  • New leaderboard: “Top Gatherer” which increases as you collect ground resources around the Island
  • Additional challenges that have you discover and explore areas of the Island (incl. new Holiday challenges)

As well as a bunch of polish & bug fixes

  • Added UI to show when you are upgrading to the final tier of a Node (High-tech variant)
  • Added sounds to challenge completion
  • Added sounds to all ground resources collection
  • Fixed issue with not being able to sell a singular item
  • Fixed issue with ground resources showing collect UI while the resource has already been picked up
  • Fixed issue with ground resources sometimes not allowing you to collect while pointing at it
  • Fixed certain nodes clipping into the ground further than intended
  • Fixed issue with AlchemyHut collection chests stuck in the ground on top of the mountain
  • Fixed issue with Meat sticking out from collection chests on all Trapper nodes
  • Fixed naming issue on trees (Changed from Light to Collect)
  • Fixed naming issue on Garden2 (Changed from Quarry to Garden)
  • Fixed naming issue on collection chest for Trapper2 (Changed from Rocks to Meat)
  • Fixed naming issue on AlchemyHut1 (Changed from Quarry to Alchemy Hut)
  • Fixed collection on TikiBar1
  • Fixed ore not being centered in collection chests of Mineshafts
  • Changed how the player holds potions (Changed from 2H to 1H)
  • Changed how the player holds bars
  • Changed day and night schedule (6 mins night 4 mins daylight)
  • Decreased interaction range
  • Added detail to High-tech Quarry
  • Added detail to High-tech Mineshaft
  • Removed some unintended meshes (Swords in trees)

This update marks the resolution of all the bugs we’ve heard about/encountered since the Game Jam. Phew. :sweat_smile: Right now is the best time for returning and new players to come check it out!

New name - TRPG is now Resource Isle Tycoon.

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Resolved bug where you sometimes couldn’t purchase a new Node in the same spot you’ve previously sold a Node in
  • Resolved bug where you could collect once from a Node before it’s generated any resources, resulting in an incomplete item (icon, but no name or quantity)
  • Adjusted Node triggers to assist in previewing purchases at different angles
  • Finished transitioning every aspect over to the X1 Framework which should only improve the game even more from here on out

What’s new:

  • The following Small Nodes are now available for purchase: The Bakery, Alchemy Booth, Weaponsmith. These Nodes have higher purchase costs and upgrade costs compared to other Small Nodes, but also output higher profit at a fast (active) pace.
  • The Winter Update is still ongoing for the time being

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Winter is over, and Spring is here!

Some exciting additions will be coming to Resource Isle Tycoon. In preparation, The Winter Update has officially ended and the Island has returned back to normal…

  • The Island has been updated with a new look, and more resources have been added for collection
  • Three new leaderboards to compete against each other, with a dedicated POI - ‘Cave of Legends’
  • Compass with notable POI’s to assist in navigation for new users and the alike
  • The starting area has been rearranged. Nodes have been slightly shifted around, to make room for an additional Large Node
  • The Blacksmith and Garden Nodes have been updated with more structural details
  • Tweaks to both the Inventory & Shop UI

Do You Know How To Buy Plots Or Nodes Becuse I Can’t And I Don’t Know Why