Resource Isle Tycoon [Previously TRPG]

Game Information

Stadia/EGS Name: Stadia: Slaying#3222 … Epic Games: Slaying_
Contributors: Slaying & TheDeveloper
Game Name: TRPG
Game Description: A unique take on the Tycoon genre. Made for the Game Jam Nov. 2021 by Slaying and TheDeveloper.
Share link: Play now @ Crayta
Tags: Tycoon, RPG, Atmospheric, Adventure, Open World, Exploration
Special thanks to: Vilva → Music Player


Welcome adventurer! TRPG is a game where you create your own resource-producing vacation Island!

Next, you will learn about “Plots”, “Nodes”, and the “Queue”, to help you get started on your journey.

Getting Started

  1. Plots - Land that you can build on.

    • Two sizes: Small and Large.
    • Each size has separate building options.
  2. Nodes - Buildings that generate resources and can be upgraded for faster production, higher capacity, and overall better resource yield.

    • There are currently 9 purchasable/upgradeable nodes in the game:

      • Blacksmith
      • Quarry
      • Mineshaft
      • Garden
      • Alchemy Hut
      • Trapper
      • Tiki Bar
      • Dance Floor
      • Fisher
    • Each node has its own upgrade path, allowing a sense of progression and end goal.

    • Some nodes feature an additional (and expensive) “High-tech” upgrade variant, which is the last purchasable upgrade.

    • Resources can be sold at the Merchant Wagon for gold. In return, you can use your gold to purchase more Nodes or upgrade existing Nodes.

  3. Queue - Multiple players can own a Node in the same exact Plot, but only one player’s Node can be shown and collected from at a time.

    • If you are the only player in the game, you will be able to view and collect from all of your Nodes.

    • When more than one player is in the game, there is a Queue which determines whether or not you can purchase a Node (or view your Node if you’ve already purchased one) on a certain Plot.

    • The Queue is first come first serve - As long as you are standing within the general proximity of your Node, it shall remain until you leave the area.

    • If you leave the area of your Node, another player is free to build a Node, or view their already purchased Node.

    • You’ll always keep ownership of all of your nodes - You just may not always be able to access them, until the Plot is available again in the Queue.





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The first update to TRPG is here! :smiley:

Notable bug fix/change:

  • Fix to the loading/visibility of Nodes. Nodes should no longer disappear in and out, unless another player has taken the Plot as per the Queue.
  • Temporarily disabled user interaction with Tiki Torches & Candles

Main additions:

  • New inventory & shop UI!
  • Meshes added to all items - You can now hold your items!
  • Added leaderboard which tracks the all time top earners
  • Added resource generation & collection - Ores & Fruits!
  • Additional items have been added and the following Nodes now reward unique items based on their upgrade level:
    • Blacksmith - tin ore, copper ore, iron ore, silver ore, gold ore, fusion ore
    • Mineshaft - bronze bar, iron bar, silver bar, gold bar, fusion bar
    • Fisher - starfish, trout, perch, salmon
  • Added an additional upgrade tier to Blacksmith & Fisher
  • Added a new Fishing area with (3) available spots for Fisher Nodes!
  • Added a new Mine area inside the Island that contains resources
  • Added new/alternative paths around the Island to improve accessibility
  • Updated help tutorial with additional information
  • Updated prices of all Nodes and Node upgrades (The Game Jam submission version had low pricing so that users could test/see all game content in a timely manner)
  • All user Save Data reset - As the Game Jam submission version wasn’t necessarily an official release.

Other bug fix/changes:

  • Fixed 2 never disappearing drinks from showing up at bottom of collect chest on all Tiki Bar Nodes
  • Fixed Gold Ore extruding from collect chest on all Mineshaft Nodes
  • Fixed naming issue with Lanterns in Blacksmith (Changed from Campfire to Lantern)
  • Fixed naming issue with action text on Light Switches in High-tech Blacksmith, Quarry, Mineshaft (changed from Extenguish/Lit to Turn Off/Turn On)
  • Fixed naming issue with High-tech Quarry Door (changed from Mineshaft Door to Quarry Door)
  • Fixed placement/position of doors on High-tech buildings
  • Fixed naming issue with Blacksmith Nodes (Changed from Quarry to Blacksmith)
  • Fixed Knight phasing through collection chest on Blacksmith2 Node
  • Fixed naming issue with Quarry (Changed from Blacksmithffff to Quarry)
  • Fixed High tech Blacksmith chest and sign clipping into building frame
  • Fixed High tech Mineshaft drill not spinning
  • Fixed minecart on Mineshaft blocking upgrade and sell sign
  • Fixed Mineshaft3 prohibiting collection from chest
  • Fixed town board extruding under the ground by one voxel
  • Fixed Bar5 (High-tech Tiki Bar) not being purchasable
  • Fixed collect display name on Bar5 (changed from Rocks to Tiki Drink)
  • Fixed display name of lanterns on AlchemyHut0, AlchemyHut1, AlchemyHut2, Quarry4
  • Fixed unintended Bar2 inside of Bar3, Bar upgrades should work as intended now
  • Fixed 2 plots on top of island that were too high
  • Removed trashbin from Quarry
  • Replaced unintended ? with " in the help tutorial
  • Replaced wheat meshes with wheat voxel mesh on all Gardens to reduce entity count
  • Added various shells to the beach sand
  • Added rocking to canoe at port
  • Added moving shark to the water
  • Added inventory space (Increased from 5 to 9)

Media showcasing some of the update:

Mini update released today to take advantage of the new meshes:

  • New dragon area with Dragon Eggs :dragon:

  • Blacksmith

    • Replaced voxel anvil
    • Replaced sword on anvil
    • Replaced shield on knight statue
    • Added sign to Blacksmith tier 2 & 3
  • Alchemy Hut

    • Additional potions have been added: Health, Mana, and Stamina and are rewarded as collects as per the upgrade level.
  • Berry bushes and toadstools added to forest area

Bug fix:

  • Fixed collection on High-tech Tiki Bar

Balance changes:

  • Respawn time for tin ore increased
  • Buffed value of meat (Increased from 30 to 37)

Other changes:

  • Updated play guide to include Fisher nodes
  • Added dragon statue to top of mountain
  • Added mine entrance to inside of the mountain
  • Added candles to inside of the mine
  • Replaced mine entrance on outside of mountain


Quick update for anybody affected by these bugs in TRPG:

  • Save functionality has been restored for affected players
  • All collection chests are back in working order, and should not become stuck on Processing…

Thanks to TheDev’s awesome work, and Tumbak pointing this out :crossed_swords:

The Winter Update is out now!

What’s new:

  • Greatly improved framerate performance and stability
  • Updated Island to celebrate the Holidays & winter time
  • Updated UI to show upgrade costs & sell values for Nodes
  • Music player to really set the atmosphere
  • Overhaul to the collection of ground resources
    • All ground resources (mushrooms, berries, wood, etc.) on the Island are now collectible!
    • Trees / Ore can now be chopped down & mined with tools
    • Intermittent collection & flickering UI has been resolved
  • New leaderboard: “Top Gatherer” which increases as you collect ground resources around the Island
  • Additional challenges that have you discover and explore areas of the Island (incl. new Holiday challenges)

As well as a bunch of polish & bug fixes

  • Added UI to show when you are upgrading to the final tier of a Node (High-tech variant)
  • Added sounds to challenge completion
  • Added sounds to all ground resources collection
  • Fixed issue with not being able to sell a singular item
  • Fixed issue with ground resources showing collect UI while the resource has already been picked up
  • Fixed issue with ground resources sometimes not allowing you to collect while pointing at it
  • Fixed certain nodes clipping into the ground further than intended
  • Fixed issue with AlchemyHut collection chests stuck in the ground on top of the mountain
  • Fixed issue with Meat sticking out from collection chests on all Trapper nodes
  • Fixed naming issue on trees (Changed from Light to Collect)
  • Fixed naming issue on Garden2 (Changed from Quarry to Garden)
  • Fixed naming issue on collection chest for Trapper2 (Changed from Rocks to Meat)
  • Fixed naming issue on AlchemyHut1 (Changed from Quarry to Alchemy Hut)
  • Fixed collection on TikiBar1
  • Fixed ore not being centered in collection chests of Mineshafts
  • Changed how the player holds potions (Changed from 2H to 1H)
  • Changed how the player holds bars
  • Changed day and night schedule (6 mins night 4 mins daylight)
  • Decreased interaction range
  • Added detail to High-tech Quarry
  • Added detail to High-tech Mineshaft
  • Removed some unintended meshes (Swords in trees)

This update marks the resolution of all the bugs we’ve heard about/encountered since the Game Jam. Phew. :sweat_smile: Right now is the best time for returning and new players to come check it out!

New name - TRPG is now Resource Isle Tycoon.

Bug fixes/changes:

  • Resolved bug where you sometimes couldn’t purchase a new Node in the same spot you’ve previously sold a Node in
  • Resolved bug where you could collect once from a Node before it’s generated any resources, resulting in an incomplete item (icon, but no name or quantity)
  • Adjusted Node triggers to assist in previewing purchases at different angles
  • Finished transitioning every aspect over to the X1 Framework which should only improve the game even more from here on out

What’s new:

  • The following Small Nodes are now available for purchase: The Bakery, Alchemy Booth, Weaponsmith. These Nodes have higher purchase costs and upgrade costs compared to other Small Nodes, but also output higher profit at a fast (active) pace.
  • The Winter Update is still ongoing for the time being

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