Retro Blast Shooter

Your energy weapon does damage from your red reticle forward. A frenzied top-down free-for-all shooter with addictive gameplay and a beautiful simplistic aesthetic. Let the madness ensue! (Co-created by Iceland)

Really enjoyed this one. How come the damage is from the red reticle forward though? I often found myself too close to enemies, so I had to run away from them to be able to shoot at them

Hey Adam, super excited to get feedback. The damage from the red reticle forward was a compromise of “early stage development”. I wanted to control the reticle with the right thumbstick in a top-down view which is either too advanced for me or not possible at the moment. Through different trials, Iceland helped me find a workaround that achieves similar gameplay to what I was striving for initially. I’ve been working on some new games but definitely wanted to go back and polish the damage distance. The game is kinda spray and pray at the moment, and really hectic, which is what I wanted, but needs to be a bit more tactical.
Fyi, it’s pretty cool you guys take the time to ask this question, it’s my biggest pet peave with my game so far.

Yeah, you’re right that you can’t currently detect the directional inputs so you won’t be able to “aim” with the right stick, but the spray and pray is pretty good fun! I think just moving the red reticle back a bit so it’s not so far in front of the player may help

You have no idea how much I appreciate you reaching out. Thanks for the information and suggestions. The great thing is, each time I need to figure out how to do a mechanic or workaround, it gives me tons of ideas for other games.
The Crayta teams passion is contagious, and I’m actually looking into learning code.

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