Reward terminal

This package provides your game with a terminal that gives rewards to the users. Rewards can be given once, hourly, daily or weekly. They can be given on interaction or trigger entry or when
the user enters a code to receive it. For code entry, the reward terminal supports the Controller-Keyboard package as input source. Reward code input for comparison is case insensitive, e.g. peace, PEACE and pEaCe is treated all the same.

If you use the Crayta Inventory package, you can configure rewards with the inventory item and count to be given as reward. Alternative, rewards support an OnReward event that is called when the reward is given, e.g. if you want to give the player a buff as reward or some XP using
the NUI XP package.

You can give reward codes to players in-game, or through other communication means, e.g. Discord, Twitter…

How to use:

  • Add the userRewardTerminal template to the User template

  • Add the RewardTerminalPackaged termplate to your GetWorld

  • If you installed Controller-Keyboard, connect the OnInteract method of the reward terminal in the entity window with the UserTemplate userControllerKeyboard folder method “ShowKeyboard”. See the Controller- Keyboard package README for more details

  • Configure rewards by adding or changing rewardScript scripts to the RewardTerminal root entity

  • The code is designed to work with multiple reward terminals with different setups within a game, but that feature is not thoroughly tested, use it at your own risk.

  • Make sure that each reward uses a unique code all over your game

  • Start the game, interact with the terminal and receive the rewards as per your configuration

Best to use together with (but not required) the following packages:

  • Inventory - to reward inventory items
  • Notifications - to show errors or success message to the user
  • Prompts or any prompts replacement - to provide help how to use the terminal


Please send questions, feedback, feature requests using Crayta Discord @Daystiny or chat with me on Stadia: Daystiny#1423