Rocket Launcher package

Name: “Rocket Launcher”

The standard gun script provides some properties for using projectiles (as standard, it uses raycasts). These properties can be used to set up your own projectile script, and the gun will pass values to the projectile to tell it how to move. However, this package provides a ready-made rocket launcher with its own projectile script, using those values passed by the regular gun script.

Note that the rocket launcher package came as part of another game and as such, I can’t update it, so a couple of adjustments should be made to it. The iconAsset property on the inventoryItemSpecScript should be changed to the rocket launcher, by dragging the rocket launcher mesh from the library into that property. Also, to use it as a pickup, the “pickupTrigger” child of it needs the rocket launcher parent re-assigned as its entity in the onInteract event and the onTriggerEnter event, and then the pickupSpawnerScript on the rocket launcher needs “useOnCollision” ticking.

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Does anyone know how to fix this with the official rocket launcher package? On a slope the rocket will explode underneath you and not where it’s aiming:

Hi @Adam, I asked the question about this in the forum and it was suggested that it may be a mistake with the maths in the code? Think you could have a quick look when you get the chance please?