Rotunda Package


This package will help you create incredible looking rounded architecture in Crayta. The elegant and majestic looking spaces borrow from mystical Mandalas’, and modern day Roundabouts, hence the name; Rotunda.

How to use:
The package contains two stylized structures. A structure contains it’s wall Template, which is then rotated all around the surface.

For convenience and clarity the package also contains the Rotunda Editor.
The Rotunda Editor template can be placed in the world to see exactly how the Rotunda wall templates are build. Very handy if you like to start making your own rotunda styles.

Changes to the voxel meshes propagate all the way around on each wall, it can appear quite fascinating when playing with the voxel tools.

Download the package from the community tab and break free from those four rectangular walls.

See the Rotunda package live in this showcase world today:

Questions? Suggestions? Let me know :smiley: .


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