RPG Starter & Dungeon Master Tools

Project Name: RPG Starter & Dungeon Master Tools

Authors: Vicentek & Ekelrock

Description: This blueprint is designed to make creating adventure games or RPGs easy for both beginners and experienced creators.

This blueprint includes a fully configurable class system that allows for multiple classes that each contain their own skill and leveling system. Use XP to increase the levels of each class, modify skills and their values, increase the health of the player, or trigger any events. Premade scripts allow you to customize each level or easily modify any parts of the system. Progress data is saved between sessions. UI elements include a class select screen, level HUD, and in-depth level menu with skills and upcoming levels.

The basic systems, many of them from Crayta, come pre-installed and configured to work seamlessly together. The blueprint has various examples of different ways to use the systems together. From weapons to potions, traps to chests, there are a multitude of templates for creating both dungeons and any type of game.

Showcase: Within the game, in the worlds tab, you will find a world called “Showcase” with a small example of what can be done with the included templates.

More info on the various systems, tools, resources, and setup/config options can be found in the sections below.

Systems Implemented
  • Choice of classes

  • Levels and XP

  • Health, death and respawn

  • Inventory

  • Inventory Requirements Filter (by Slushdeath)

  • Shop

  • Prompts

  • Notifications

  • Simple Sign Package

  • PickUpSpawnerScript modified to send a configurable notification when collecting

  • InventoryItemSpecScript modified to allow Customizable item icons

  • SimplePromptScript - add to any object to give it a prompt to display for the interact action

  • PotionControllerScript - an easy way to manage temporary effects on the Player

  • Some UIs were changed to fit the theme more

Tools and resources
  • Class, skill and XP modifier trigger

  • Level, Class and Skills Requirement Filter Trigger with events

  • Class Changer Trigger

  • Collectible items

  • Functional doors and levers.

  • Breakable and lootable targets (modified from adventure elements package)

  • DPS damage trigger

  • Healing Trigger

  • Healing Potion

  • Speed ​​Potion

  • Jumping Potion

  • Invincibility Potion

  • Functional magic portal

  • Ranged and melee weapons

  • 2 ready-to-use mapped terrain templates such as stage, fortress and cave

Class System Instructions

The blueprint comes ready to use, but follow these instructions if you want to customize the classes:

all templates belonging to the class system are named with the prefix “Class_”

Each Class must have its own Player template. By default the Blueprint is configured with three classes that correspond to the templates called “Class_Player Class 1” “Class_Player Class 2” and “Class_Player Class 3” if you want to create more than 3 classes we recommend duplicating one of these templates and rename it so that all systems work. You could also limit your game to 1 Class to only use the level and skill systems by removing the other 2 Classes. (Note: Each class must have a unique classID property.)

Configuring the Player Templates

Inside each player template you will find a folder called “Player Class” where there are two scripts

1 - “playerClassScript” - to assign the name and the initial values ​​of level, skills and health

2 - “levelConfigScript” - each of these scripts contains the data for the level it unlocks (like XP required, skills to modify, and HP modifications) and has options for notifications. (Note: You must include one of these for each level the class can reach and they must be incremental (ie: 1, 2, 3, 4 …)

Configuring the User Template

Configuring the User template:

We will find two folders:

1 - “userClassManager” - this is where you define the Player templates for your Classes. You can configure several parameters related to the dropdown UI, all the properties are explained with their respective tooltips. IMPORTANT: If the “Reset Data” property is active, the data will not be saved between sessions and it will delete the data of any player who enters the game.

2 - “userClassSelect” - this defines the information that is displayed on the Class Select widget.

Class System Tools

Mainly there are 4 tools that allow us all kinds of options in our game:

1- Class_Class Changer Trigger: A trigger that allows the player to switch between classes, it can be used On Collision , On Interact, or On Trigger Enter.

Each class keeps its respective XP, level, and skill data. Additionally the health can be configure to reset on each class change or to persist across sessions.

2- Class_ Class and XP Modifier Trigger: “ClassModifierScript” allows us to modify the XP and skill values ​​by means of On Collision , On Interact, or On Trigger Enter. Use negative values to subtract. Can be configured to be single use or use a cooldown time.

3 - Class_ lvl class and skill Requirement filter: Allows you to check the player’s level, class and skill values ​​and launch an event if the requirements are met or not. It also allows you to launch notifications in either case.

4- Class_ Reset Class Trigger: Reset all the class data saved for this user

Some screenshots of the showcase, UI, and other included resources:


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