SBB - Doors (Internal)

10 Animated internal doors to add more variety to your builds…

How to install

Open the community tab and search for “SBB - Doors (Internals)”
Click install package

How to use

Check the templates tab and look for SBB - [Door style here]
Click on the doors style you want to add
Locators are placed at the bottom and centralised to allow quick placement

Here is a quick example for how easy they are to use

Interesting facts

All doors are based on real doors from around the UK
The frames are sized to fit perfectly on the grid and between a voxel opening of this size 6x10 voxels
The height is in conjunction with the British Standard guidelines
Each door is open in and open out but highly editable using mighty animations that enables speeding up or slowing down opening speed, change rotation to replicate a “Blocked” Door or simply remove animations completely if the door is for visual purposes only.
Sounds have been added to reflect handles turning and doors opening.

Door Styles

2 Panel

4 Panel

6 Panel


Full Window



Tongue And Groove

Window Flower

Window Panel

Please feel free to leave any feedback below and request for new door styles i will be happy to consider

Thank you