SBB - Dungeon Ruins

SBB Dungeon Ruins

Created by - SlaterBBurn


1 x Dungeon Chamber
1 x Temple Ruins
2 x Connector Caves

Change Log

  • Removed overlapping sounds in the Center Chamber
  • Optimized Lighting
  • Added New T-Junction Dungeon

How to use

  1. Install SBB - Dungeon Ruins , From the communtiy tab

  2. Place Dungeon Chamber into world
    3, Select any template and place in the world on any of the loactors marked West, East and south (Note that all tmeplate will be place using the “North Locator”)

  3. Connect as many as you wish, entites counts are between 20-80 per Template

  4. Heres a 6 minute vidoe od installing and using this package

New T-Junction dungeon

Thank you all and enjoy


Really outdone yourself here! Temple ruins (lava area) is amazing!

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