School of Witchcraft - Blueprint

Hey everybody. I’d like to introduce my Blueprint: School of Witchcraft.

An overview of what is in the blueprint can be seen here:

The blueprint contains:

  • The entire school of Witchcraft map (930 assets, arranged neatly for you)
  • A script for autoclosing doors (already added to almost all of the doors)
  • A unique script for RayCast teleportation
  • A handcrafted magical ceiling in the great hall
  • Scripts from fellow Craytans (MightyAnimations by Mightykho, Smooth World Transition by Mightykho and MovePlayerToLocation by Ekelrock)

Use the Blueprint:

  • To use the blueprint, find it from ‘create new game’.
  • Press Play Preview to watch the map in all its glory!

Need to know:
Fly around in advanced mode, go through walls and floors. There are many hidden addional parts in the castle, which can be used for your game.

There is also a package version for School of Witchcraft. The package version contains 619 assets.


The most enchanted build on here and loaded with so many features! Amazed there is so much space left for a creative spin to be added. An absolute dream of a hierarchy~ everything is easy to find! Thank you for sharing this fantastic map! :sparkles:

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Thanks for the amazing compliment!!!

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