School of Witchcraft - map

Hey everybody. I’d like to introduce my package: School of Witchcraft.

An overview of what is in the package can be seen here:

The package contains:

  • The entire school of Witchcraft map (619 assets, arranged neatly for you)
  • A script for autoclosing doors (already added to almost all of the doors)
  • A script for RayCast teleportation
  • 2 scripts from fellow Craytans (MightyAnimations by Mightyko and MovePlayerToLocation by Ekelrock)

Install the package:

  • To use the package, install it from the community tab. Look for ‘school of witchcraft’.
  • After it is installed, just drag and drop the SchoolOfWitchCraft template into your scene.
  • Set the location of the template on 0,0,0 vector & rotation
  • Unparent it from ‘Terrain’
  • Delete the default ‘Terrain’
  • Press Play Preview to watch the map in all its glory!


  • Add a little fog to your world so the end of the map isn’t visible anymore.

Need to know:
Fly around in advanced mode, go through walls and floors. There are many hidden addional parts in the castle, which can be used for your game.

There is also a blueprint version for School of Witchcraft. It has ideal worldsettings for this map. It also comes with some additional lighting and props. The Blueprint version contains 931 assets.


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