Sci-fi health

A package that is based on the official health package, more sci-fi and with more functions.

The installation is very simple:
In the Player template you have, drag the following folder:

  • Player - Sci-Fi Health

imageYou should have something similar

In the Player - Sci-Fi Health, you have the script healthScript, here you have a list of messages that you can make appear according to the situation in which the players are in. You can also configure life and other settings. If you set a camera as a template in DIE CAMERA when the character dies, the player will see that camera until he respawns.

In the Player - Sci-Fi Health, you have the Widget healthWidget, here you have the configuration to be able to control the life bars that will gradually disappear as players lose or gain life.

  • Can I change the color of the life bars?
    No, you would have to download the photo of the life bars and change the color from there.
  • Can I change the style of the bars?
    No, you would have to change the widget to the link you have created yourself.
  • Do you have any other package that matches this one?
    Yes, we have another package called Hero Selector Pack to make diferent classes for the players.
  • I have found a bug, how do I contact you?
    From the discord or the forum you can tell us all the inconveniences that you find.

Packages used:
- Health by Unit 2 Games