Science Fair Assets

Science Fair Assets by Splosgter

Science Fair Assets by Splogster.

[Crayta crashed when I tried to make this into one package]

And so:

[1] Science Fair - Shaped Animals

4 animals made from Shapes: Chicken / Cow / Pig / Sheep

[2] Science Fair - Physics

Solar System / Prism / Simulator (this uses ThyrisFlare#8494 Hologram Widget from the last build jam)

[3] Science Fair - Chemistry

Chemistry 1 / Chemistry 2/ Experiment

[4] Science Fair - Biology

DNA / Artery / Botanics


A couple of videos are uploaded to the Crayta Discord Build Jam channel also.

There is no configuration needed to drag these assets into your game.

Other community packages used:

Simple Image by Adam O

rotateandmovescript by Crayta

sittingScript and npcSittingScript by SFCrayta