Science Lab Kit

Package Information

Created by: Kay
Package Name: Science Lab Kit and Science Lab Kit 2
Package Description: Science Lab Kit - Assets pack containing Lab Beakers and Flask with animated bubbles widget
Science Lab Kit 2 - Asset pack containing animated widgets and signs perfect for decorating any science themed game
Packages Used SimpleImage by AdamO

  • Install the “ Science Lab Kit” and “ Science Lab Kit 2” package from the Community tab.
  • Drag and drop templates from Templates Tab

List of templates

  • Lab Beakers and Flasks meshes with animated bubbles widget - in 4 different colors and an option to change bubbles and chemical color

Flask and beaker mes bubbles color

  • Animated Lab Beakers and Flasks widgets

with an option to change Bubbles and Chemicals color

Flasks and beakers color otpions

  • Flasks and Beakers Icon Images perfect for using as Inventory Icons or just for decoration. Images come in 4 basic colors: blue, green, red and yellow but have an option of changing color by changing Hue in properties

Flickering text sign color option

  • Dna and Mutated Dna Images

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