Scientific World Assets

Scientific World Assets

Assets based on science, all created using primitive shapes, package includes 40 assets:
3 x Tesla Tree
1 x Tesla Street Light
1 x Tesla Bench (Can Sit)

3 x Chemical Tulip Tree
1 x Chemical Tulip Street Light
1 x Chemical Tulip Bench (Can Sit)

3 x Electromagnetic Tree​
1 x Electromagnetic Bench (Can Sit)
1 x Electromagnetic Bin
1 x Electromagnetic Street Light

3 x Magnet Tree
1 x Magnet Bench (Can Sit)
1 x Magnet Street Light

3 x Molecular Tree
1 x Molecular Bush
1 x Molecular Street Light
1 x Molecular Bench (Can Sit)​​​

3 x Primitive Paths
1 x Primitive Bridges
1 x Primitive Bench (Can Sit)

4 x Terrains (Includes Bridge)

3 x Shaper NPCs with Patrol Script

1 x Science Lab

What is it?

  • Scientific World Assets are 37 templates all built using the new feature “Primitive shapes”
  • Package contains all the assets needed to create a different style world within crayta or even just to inspire you to use shapes for building
  • Everything is customisable in including size and colours
  • Added effects to some assets, these are new effects that can also be customised

How do you use it?


Install "Scientific World Assets from the community tab

Open the templates tab and find a full array of templates

Drag or click a template and drop it directly into your world

Use the “Primitive Field” templates to build quick terrains

Use Primitive Paths to build walkways

Whats included in this package?


Chemical Tulip Tress and Street Light

these trees spew yellow chemical fluids and come in 3 sizes, Small, medium and large

Electromagnetic Pack

This pack includes a Electromagnetic Trees, Bench, Bin and Street Light

Magnet Pack

This pack includes Magnet Trees, Bench and Street Light

Molecular Trees and Street Light

this pack is based on the molecular structure or organisms and comes in the form of a street light and 3 pack of trees all designed different

Primitive Bench

This bench is just a normal looking bench to place int he world

Primitive Paths

This comes in 3 parts - Straight, Cross road and Corner to allow you to build walkways around your world

Shape Dudes

3 NPCs all with different moods left - right

Sad Shaper - Walks slow with an arched back, colours made to reflect mood

Happy Shaper - Posture and bright colours used to make them look go happy, Happy shaper walks slightly faster than the others

Average Shaper - This dude walks at a normal pace, straight back and just looks like a regular cool shaper dude

All NPCs can be customised, changing colours, shapes and shape size with mesh scaling

Tesla Tree pack includes bench and streetlight

These assets are based on the tesla coils and each one has av electric lightning effect attached

Science Lab

This is were the crazy assets are created and showcased

How do i use the NPCs?


Place the NPC in the world

In the tree you will see 2 locator children of the parent NPC, this need adding to the simplePatrolScript in the NPC

Make sure you have it set to startOnInit and they will work when entering preview

To make set paths, you need to add more locators and chain them together in the properties

I hope you enjoy using this package, if not in a world but just for inspiration to go out and utilise the primitive shapes

Known Bug: NPCs sometimes don’t spawn into showcase!

Feedback welcome on the Crayta Discord

  • SlaterBBurn

Love this, great work :+1: