Scrap Collectors

Player vs Player game about scrap.
Destroy objects like cars to get scrap out of them and sell this scrap on the sales area! Chase other players and get first in the leaderboard! As a small bonus you get money when you kill an opponent.

First update for Scrap Collectors - v0.1.1

  • Added more destructible objects: red, silver and yellow sports car, bumper cars, trolleys, police cars
  • First power up added: Speed Power Up. For a few seconds you are faster than the other players and can get Scrap faster
  • Drill sound has been adjusted and made a little quieter
  • Fixed Secret Area wall
  • Secret Area wall health reduced for faster destruction

Update 2 is coming next weekend!

Scrap Collectors - Update 0.2

  • New loader in the menu
  • Improved secret area
  • Results screen added
  • Made it harder to get over the wall
  • Added a message when the player sold scrap (huge thanks again to @WesLee)
  • Cover improved
  • Drill improved and sounds adjusted
  • Added more objects that can be destroyed
  • Improved the menu (+ new info screen)
  • New power up: Jump Boost (maybe you can find secret places?)
  • Objects now re-spawn correctly
  • Fixed a bug that would not reset Scrap when the player dies
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from joining a match that was already in progress
  • New scrap variant “High Quality Scrap” added - which is worth more
  • Improved performance