Scrolling image

Name: Scrolling Image
By AdamO on Discord

This package lets you display a number of images in a scrolling format.

To use

  • Install the “Scrolling Image” package
  • Drop the “Scrolling Image” template into your world
  • Replace the image URLs with your own images

Great for picture galleries, or for scrolling instruction images in a game lobby.


The scrolling image widget just holds 2 images - the one on display, and then the next one to show, which it slides in. This means you could use it to dynamically show many different images, that aren’t necessarily pre-set-up in the “scrollingImageScript” properties.

The game queue in the Hub uses similar logic to this, but has some extra detail in the widget to show the game name, creator name etc.


Thanks, this package goes straight into my top fav Crayta’s Package , i already use a lot the ‘simple image’ :yum:

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