Secret Code Input Package

Define a secret code that the player can press in order to trigger events in your game. The code is defined by any number of button presses in the specific order you choose. If you’re familiar with the iconic “Konami Code”, this package is essentially that.


  • Search for the “Secret Code Input Package” in the community tab and add it to your game
  • Add the “userSecretCodeScript” to your User template
  • Define a code using the buttonOrder property
  • Define events you want to run when the code is entered correctly
  • That’s it!

This package is designed to be very user-friendly so if you have any ideas for improvements, or if you need any help setting it up, find me on the Crayta discord.


  • In the setup image below, a player would need to hit the code: up, down, left, right, jump and that would toggle the airconUnits mesh visibility. This isn’t a very practical application, but it took like 2 minutes to set up :slight_smile:

Here’s a gif of the above setup in action:
You’ll have to take my word that I’m hitting the buttons in the correct order :wink:

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