Secret doors in the hub

Anyone else stumbled upon these doors?

Any idea how to open them?

The classic stuff would be something like “unlocked at level XX” but that’d be really frustrating :slight_smile:

The pics are from Eon One on Discord.


I think those may be related to the Crayta lore in the comic. Better keep our eyes open for clues. :eyes:


These symbols can be found on both door, might be a clue/code of some sort.

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Wait, so there’s a third door? I’ve only found two. One on the east and one on the west side of the hub.

So the comic is out:

We now know what “Coexistence” and “gAIa” mean.

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If those doors lead to the Mediation Council’s Interaction Division (basically Coexistence/gAIa’s security department) then maybe one day we’ll be hacking them through Crayta, or they’ll be invading Crayta through those doors. :eyes:

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:thinking: This is interesting…