See all entries for a leaderboard on the companion site (

I would like the ability to see all entries for each leaderboard on the companion site. This data wouldn’t need to be available for all players – just the creator of the game.

In my puzzle game Duo Slide, I would like to identify which of the first levels are too difficult and causing players to quit. Since at least 10 players have completed the first 22 levels, and I can only see the top 10 players on any given leaderboard, I have no idea about where players are giving up (assuming it’s before level 23). I imagine this data would be useful to any linear game with levels that unlock as you complete the previous level (assuming they use leaderboards to unlock levels like I do).

Potential UI Solution:
Add a button for each leaderboard to “Show All Entries” which could either expand the default list shown, open a modal with all entries, or open a new page dedicated to that leaderboard.

EDIT: An interim solution that would solve my issue would be to simply show the total number of entries for each leaderboard, even if we can’t see all of the individual usernames/scores.