Server Technicians

A small game with shooter and interaction elements. You can play alone, but I think it’s mostly fun with at least 2 players.

This is a player vs. player game where you have to fix servers. Competitors can be stopped with a shock gun and server cars.
Being a server technician is difficult. Become Technician of the Month!



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Server Technicians - Update 0.1.5

  • Increased performance through widget adjustments
  • World colors adjusted
  • A prompt now appears on servers when you stand in front of it
  • Fixing a server is now much easier. Just press the interaction button when you stand in front of the server. Aiming at the keyboard is no longer necessary
  • Server Cars removed
  • The death area on which the servers are placed is now red instead of blue. The warning widgets (bolt icon) are bigger and an effect have also been added
  • The Shock Gun damage has been increased and the recoil has been reduced
  • More spawns