✅ Server wents missing after 1-2 minutes since recent patch

Describe the bug:

  1. Open “Loco-Motion:Battle of Santa Clara” in edit mode
  2. Look around and see buggy buildings
  3. Wait a few minutes (no matter what i do in this time)
  4. Server goes missing

Screenshots / video of bug:
Well, it’s literally just a “Server is missing for x seconds” pop-up that appears after a minute. However, another strange thing since the recent update, that i noticed is, this:

What might look like reflections at first, is actually missing texture/x-ray vision in all my buildings. I just assume it here because i think these issues might be related to eachother.

Which platform: Stadia

Your Crayta username: Daigoro

Game seen in: Editor for “Loco-Motion: Battle of Santa Clara”

How regularly do you see this?: Always

Time + date seen: Each time since the patch

The published version of this game is broken too. Ppl launch the game and crash back into hub.

Hi Ya_shi_shi,

Thank you for the detailed bug report. I’m sorry to see your game is having trouble loading voxels.

I have submitted a ticket to our internal team for additional investigation.

Just wanted to add that, after reading similar reports in discord, it seems like the invisible surfaces are from glass voxels. I also wanted to add that while opening LocoMotion in edit mode allows me to enter and stay for a minute, the published game throws a loading screen errors (“server stopped during allocation”).
It seems like the other users with that glass voxels issue don’t have similar issues within their games, so i assume the bug i mentioned are actually two seperate bugs.

Another weird thing I’ve noticed is, that the “saves” tab in the companion app doesn’t show the published version anymore

This shows the save tab of LocoMotion (which is a published game).

The green indicator here (from another published game) is entirely missing for LocoMotion.

Thank you for the additional information!

I’ve added it to the bug and passed it onto our internal team.