SetPivotPoint() does nothing, pivot point does nothing in game

You can change an entity’s pivot point in the editor, and it’ll rotate from that pivot point instead of its center.

In game, it does not do this, it rotates from the center.

Even if you use the api call of entity:SetPivotPoint(Vector pivotPoint), it does not change the behavior at all when rotating.

Incidentally, if it did work, it might be nice to have an entity:GetPivotPoint call as well.

Hi @ephemerald,

If possible would you be able to set up a game to demonstrate for me and let me know the name so I can grab a copy?


Yup! It’s called “pivot point[less]”

it setting it up I discovered it actually, to my surprise, does work with SetRotation(), but with AlterRotation() and PlayTimeline() it does not work. It’s set up in a way that I hope is fairly self explanatory - three telescope meshes - one with no pivot point at all, one with it manually set in editor, and one with it set in code, all using SetRotation(). There’s a similar set of three shapes that all use AlterRotation(), and then a set of three voxel meshes that all use PlayTimeline(). Wanted to see if it might’ve been an issue of entity type but that doesn’t seem to matter :slight_smile:

Hi @ephemerald,

Thanks very much! I’ve sent a bug report through with a copy of the game.