SetRotation/-Forwars on players

Describe the bug:
Using SetRotation/SetForward on players doesn’t work on the server.

Using it each frame on clients only works on the client that owns the player (so only in a LocalOnTick as example).

Using ClientOnTick to set the player rotation on other clients will make the player rotate unpredictability while the rotation applies only properly on the owners client.

Using SetRotation/-Forward on a player is buggy on clients and server and doesn’t work. The API doesn’t mention any exceptions in that regard, so it seems to be a bug.

How do you cause this bug?
0.Set the player template to orbit mode.
1.Use a ClientOnTick to set the player rotation into any direction.
2.While moving the player, look how it looks like on the screen of another user and compare it with your own screen.

Which platform: both

Which input: both

Your Crayta username: daigoro


Seems that the native character controller overwrites the data set onTick as it maybe runs after it.
I would suggest to add a specific set desired orientation function that when used that frame overrides everything and also set up things internally for proper client replication/ prediction( angular velocity).
Please fix this as it would unlock many more game generes using different controls and cameras.

Wanted to report this as well

Oh my! Just confirming this issue is still occurring at the moment?

I am opening up a ticket for this issue so that our internal team can investigate this issue. :+1:
Thank you @Vilva for the bump!

I just tested it today. Can confirm that SetRotation does not work on the player

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I have updated the ticket with the confirmation; information you just provided. :slight_smile: Thanks for the update!

IMO this also can be closed, doesn’t seem to be a bug if i understood it correctly. That behavior is based on client prediction, thus intended.

I wouldn’t close it. If it’s not intended at least give us a warning message in the console when we call SetRotation()

Update: player:SetRotation() on the server only works if you do it on the same frame where you spawn the Player. And it only works with user:SpawnPlayer not with user:SpawnPlayerWithEffect.

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Thank you for the update! :heart:
I have posted the update in the ticket for our internal team to look at!