Settings seem to have been reset

I logged in about 15 min ago, around 23:05 UTC (on 2020-09-23). I had left the game earlier that day at 18:37 UTC without any issues.

When I logged in I noticed the game thought I was a new player, and showed me the introductory text and moved me on to the character creator:

Then when I opened my editor in the creator I noticed the color and text size settings had also been reset. Did my settings somehow get corrupted?

Thank you for your report Yogarine,

I apologies for the delayed response but, I would like to inform you that I have raised a ticket regarding your issue.

If you could provide me with the following information, I’ll make sure to include it in the report.

  1. Did you make any significant changes to your settings prior to logging out?
  2. Where there any other areas impacted by the reset?

Hey @QA_Les,

My answer to both questions is no. Before logging out I was just doing some Lua editing, nothing exiting. And as far as I can remember I could see, besides my settings not much was affected.

Thank you for the detailed information - I have just updated the ticket.

It will be helpful as we further investigate the issue.