Shop items not showing an image

Hi guys, I’m creating an adventure game, and I’ve got my item to appear in the shop list, but it’s missing it’s logo/image.

The image is also missing from the inventory item too.

I was following Russ’s guide on stock packages and I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong. I’ve created the template assigned buy script and inventory script to the template.

Any advice would be awesome.

Actually, I can see the iconAsset is blank, but I can not edit it even in advanced mode.

Kind regards
Phil Travis.

Got it, I can’t delete this post, or I would, but I wasn’t dragging the mesh into the iconAsset.

Also needed to completely quit the editor and re enter to see the change.

Sounds like you’ve solved the problem now? In case posts here get missed, feel free to also ask in the #lua-help channel of our Discord:

Don’t delete it… dragging the mesh, never would have thought of that lol

Also the property type “asset” which is what this is (such as the iconAsset property on inventoryItemSpecScript) should be listed in docs, and with that explanation of how to edit it.