Side-scrolling Camera

The default camera-angle and view of the Side-scrolling Camera package


A side-scrolling camera that follows the player from the same angle, it also has a slight delay to the player’s current position. For an example of this camera in action, check out my game ‘Ave obby’.

Side-scrolling Camera properties

  • Camera - Stores the spawned camera, it isn’t editable because the script uses this property during the game
  • cameraTemplate - This is the camera template the script uses to spawn for the player
  • cameraDistance - This vector is used to position the camera. This is relative to the player
  • cameraRotation - Rotation of the camera, this is the same as

How to use it

The package contains the ‘Player Camera’ template. To use the Side-scrolling Camera you have to add the ‘Player Camera’ to the player template.