Siege Tower

Game Information

Stadia/EGS Name: Stadia: Slaying#3222 … Epic Games: Slaying_
Contributors: Slaying
Game Name: Siege Tower
Game Description: Climb to the top of the Siege Tower to take control and score points. Gear up with various weapons. Collect Keys & spend them to unlock goods at the Armoury. Fight other players in intense PvP melee combat. There can only be one winner… Who’s it gonna be?
Share link: Play now @ Crayta
Tags: Medieval, Fantasy, PvP, Fighting, Tactical
Special thanks to: Ekelrock → King of The Hill, Vilva → Music Player, Nomaki → NUI, MiniMap → Daigoro, Simple Sign → AdamO
All castles, towers, mobile weaponry construction are from my “Medieval Warfare” package. You can check that out @ Medieval Warfare if you are interested in making a medieval game.

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The first update to Siege Tower is here!

Game world changes

  • New map (as seen above) with a more detailed environment
  • Take a swim in the freezing cold icy water, or don’t, you’ll probably die…

Tower changes

  • Brand new tower with a bigger ramp, bigger wheels, new stairs & additional ways to get to the capture area
  • Bigger capture area! More room for capture/fighting other players who are trying to capture
  • Tower now moves back and fourth between opposing castles

Combat changes

  • Damage indicator
  • Low health indicator
  • Mini map to show surroundings/enemy players
  • Focus to weapons

UI changes

  • Improved UI across the board (all widgets) for a more cohesive design

Leaderboard changes

  • 2 new leaderboards: Most capture pts & Most kills

Game mode/balance changes

  • Increased capture points per/s
  • Points required for a round win reduced from 75 to 45
  • Lobby time reduced from 45s to 20s
  • Game time reduced from 6m 45s to 5m

Upcoming changes

  • Ranged attacks/magic spells
  • Singleplayer objectives/gameplay
  • Additional maps