Siege Tower

Game Information

Stadia/EGS Name: Stadia: Slaying#3222 … Epic Games: Slaying_
Contributors: Slaying
Game Name: Siege Tower
Game Description: Climb to the top of the Siege Tower to take control and score points. The first player to 35 points wins. Gear up with various melee, ranged, and magic weapons. Eliminate others in intense PvP combat. Explore and Protect the Kingdom at all costs.
Share link: Play now @ Crayta
Tags: Medieval, Fantasy, PvP, Fighting, Tactical
Special thanks to: Ekelrock → King of The Hill, Vilva → Music Player, Sinjin → Equip and Stow , Cereal → Compass, Ephemerald → Temporary Healthbar Combat Dummy
All castles, towers, mobile weaponry construction are from my “Medieval Warfare” package. You can check that out @ Medieval Warfare if you are interested in making a medieval game.

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The first update to Siege Tower is here!

Game world changes

  • New map (as seen above) with a more detailed environment
  • Take a swim in the freezing cold icy water, or don’t, you’ll probably die…

Tower changes

  • Brand new tower with a bigger ramp, bigger wheels, new stairs & additional ways to get to the capture area
  • Bigger capture area! More room for capture/fighting other players who are trying to capture
  • Tower now moves back and fourth between opposing castles

Combat changes

  • Damage indicator
  • Low health indicator
  • Mini map to show surroundings/enemy players
  • Focus to weapons

UI changes

  • Improved UI across the board (all widgets) for a more cohesive design

Leaderboard changes

  • 2 new leaderboards: Most capture pts & Most kills

Game mode/balance changes

  • Increased capture points per/s
  • Points required for a round win reduced from 75 to 45
  • Lobby time reduced from 45s to 20s
  • Game time reduced from 6m 45s to 5m

Upcoming changes

  • Ranged attacks/magic spells
  • Singleplayer objectives/gameplay
  • Additional maps

Massive update to Siege Tower today which has been in the works for awhile now!

  • An entirely new map / game world to explore and play on
  • New lobby Kingdom area with additional POI’s (Weapons Shop, Magic Shop, Training Grounds, Inn)
  • Changes to melee combat - Damage hitmarkers added, increased melee range with damage dropoff, increased aim assist
  • Ranged and magic combat added - Deals damage on hit + AOE damage
  • Portals added to the battlefield as well as the Tower
  • Added traps that can be armed & disarmed and deal great damage
  • Players now earn gold per round played, but can also find gold hidden in destructible crates
  • Hidden gems added throughout the Kingdom which can be sold for a good profit
  • New weapons added: Skull Halberd, Dragonborn Spear, Fire Crossbow, Staff of Water/Earth/Fire, Forge Tongs, Forge Hammer, Brazier, Broomstick, Farmer’s Stick, Flame Torch, Log.
  • Weapon spawns added all throughout the battlefield and Kingdom

Update released today:

  • Changed weapons auto switching on pickup
  • Made POI’s easier to find
  • Some changes to Weapons Shop & Magic Shop POI’s
  • Small changes to the Shop UI
  • More walkways/greenery/windmill added around the Kingdom
  • Added more gems/opened up some housing in the Kingdom
  • Added hidden ‘BladeHammer’ weapon somewhere within the Kingdom
  • Added effects when Green/Purple portals are used
  • Enabled Fly Mode for photos

Smallish update for Siege Tower to end the week, with some new weapons and a couple changes:

  • New weapons that can be bought/found within the Kingdom: Fishers Harpoon, Skiver, Cleaver, Goblet, and Coat Rack
  • Added effects/lighting to magic staves
  • Added UI characters to Weapons Shop & Magic Shop
  • Staff ground spawns now come with a bundle of ammo
  • Combat controls hidden when weapon is stowed
  • Resolved issue with reversed damage dropoff
  • Switched over the combat dummy’s in the training grounds to use Ephemerald’s modifications to the script, showing the health only when attacked and disappearing shortly after
  • The ‘BladeHammer’, a magic infused axe, is still hidden somewhere within the Kingdom…