Simple Fishing


Simple Fishing provides the basic components needed to insert a fishing mechanic into your game.


Simple Fishing is fully setup on Crayta to see if you’d like an example of how it works.


  • Shop (Crayta)
  • Inventory (Crayta)

Package Contents

  • Templates

    • Component (Fishing Node)
    • Equipment (Fishing Rod - Basic)
    • Equipment (Fishing Rod - Wooden)
    • Equipment (Fishing Rod - Standard)
    • Equipment (Fishing Rod - High Tech)
    • Fish (Small Bass)
    • Fish (Large Bass)
    • Fish (Small Carp)
    • Fish (Large Carp)
  • Scripts

    • Component_FishingNode.lua
    • Equipment_FishingRod.lua
  • Widgets

    • UI_FishingRod.html

Usage Directions

  1. Add Component (Fishing Node) somewhere in the World.
  2. Customize LootTable in Component (Fishing Node) or keep defaults.
  3. Add acquisition method for Fishing Rod, i.e. Shop or Default Inventory.
  4. :fishing_pole_and_fish:


  • General

    • Updated dependencies on Shop and Inventory packages to latest version.
    • BeginCast and FinishCast are now called intentionally instead of via animation events.
    • Changed SFX_ReelSuccess and SFX_ReelFailure to use PlaySound instead of PlaySoundAtLocation.
  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed infinite fishing bug when reeling in fish while another UI is active with Requires Cursor enabled. ( Thanks @Vilva for the report )


Feel free to contact me about any questions or request regarding Simple Fishing at iExpulsion#0001 on Discord.


Thank you for a easy activity to add in our maps!
Super awesome that it works effortlessly with Crayta Inventory and Crayta Shop. :sparkles:

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