Simple Image package

Name: Simple Image

This package provides a “SimpleImage” template. Drag this into your world, and paste in the URL of your image into the “Image URL” property (you can upload UI images and find their URLs here - Crayta - Create Games). You will instantly see your image!
You can also use this for camera-facing images (by changing the widget type in the property window to “World - Camera Facing”), for example to highlight a pickup in your world.

Appearance and Behavior

This package now also includes options to change the appearance and behavior of your image:

  • Opacity - Image opacity; 0 is transparent, 1 is opaque

  • Hue - Hue cycle up to 360 degrees, think of it cycling around a color wheel

  • Grayscale - Turns the image black and white; 0 is normal color, 100 is black and white

  • Contrast - Adjusts image contrast; 0 is no contrast (grey), up to 500 for very high contrast

  • Invert - Inverts all colors, e.g. at 100% a blue image would be orange

  • Saturate - Color saturation; 0 is black and white, up to 500 for very high saturation

  • Sepia - Like black and white, but more brown - good for old style posters etc.

  • Tiled - Whether or not to tile the image. If you turn off “contain” and make the image smaller, this effect will be more obvious

  • Contain - Whether the image is contained within the widget. If this is on, the width and height properties won’t have any effect

  • Image Width - Width of the image as a percentage of the widget size (if Contain is turned off)

  • Image Height - Height of the image as a percentage of the widget size (if Contain is turned off)

Example with various properties changed:


Hi Adam,
Thanks for making this package. Does this work on the player? I tried dragging the SimpleImage template onto the player template in a couple games that spawn players, and both got error
[Client] [Error] simpleImageScript:9: attempt to index field 'simpleImageWidget' (a nil value).

Dragging the template into the game world works perfectly.

I wondered if player and locator are not compatible. So, I tried to drag the contained script and widget into the player, and got the same error.

Edit: someone on discord helped me to figure it out. I needed to set the widget’s visibility to “everyone”. It’s working perfectly now :slight_smile: