Simple Jump Scare Package

A simple package that allows you to add a jump scare to your game. You define the image, how long to display it, and optionally a sound effect to play when the image is shown. The whole thing is activated when a player enters the Jump Scare Trigger.


  • Install the Simple Jump Scare package from the Community tab
  • Add the User Jump Scare to your User template
  • Swap the image out for your image and choose a sound to play
  • Add the Jump Scare Trigger template to your world

Config Options

On the userJumpScareScript there are 2 properties to configure:

  • Hide Delay: How long to show the image before hiding it (in seconds).
  • Sound Effect: A sound to play when the player enters the trigger (optional).

Using Your Own Image

To use your own image you need to do a few things:

  • First upload your image as a “UI Image” on the companion site (
  • Replace the URL in the userJumpScareWidget (line 24, see image below)

And, per usual, here’s a gif of it in action:


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