Simple Modular Dungeon



  • What is this package about?
    If you want to build a dungeon or even other type of structure this package will help you. I’ve made every piece of the package so you can fit everything as you want and that you can do it in the simplest, easiest and fastest way.

Note: In case that you have some problem to fit in something I have the solution, read below.

  • What Do I need to know before install the package?
    Every piece can be modify, if you dont like the texture of a voxel you can change it, also if you want to edit the size of something you can do it too, but remenber, if you want to change only one thing made a duplicate of a voxel mesh, in case that you want to change a template just break the link.

  • Who can use this package?
    Everyone, you can use the package as you want. Build your own dungeon from scratch or made a template to drop it in your games with some modules, the possibilities are endless.

Note: If you need other kind of help you can contact me on Discord (Hisokan#0001)

  • Packages/Scripts that I decided to include inside this package to make everything work
  1. Mighty Animatios by @Mightykho

  2. Health By Crayta

  3. Door By Crayta (Only used in one door)

  4. DpsTriggerScript By @Vicentek & @ekelrock

  • My personal opinion.
    The idea of the package comes from the old school modular dungeons that you can build on your home with endless possibilities, you will not get bored while you are building the final boss room or a zone to relax from the last battle.
    I’ve built the package with the idea that you can use every kind of camera, first person, second person, third person, isometric camera, top down camera, …


- Walls:

Note: Every name from the modules is the name of the template.


I made a variation of some walls in case you need it.


- Floors/Ceilings:
I’ve named everything with the name “floor” but you can also use it as ceiling or whatever you want.

Note: Every name from the modules is the name of the template.


IMPORTANT: Small floors are very important once you want to fit in walls and floors, I will give you an example below.


- Columns:
This assets are going to be very important if you have any hole between modules, this shouldn’t be happen but in case you have this problem columns are going to help you a lot, also is a great way to decorate between walls or make the dungeon better.

Note: Every name from the modules is the name of the template.

I made also a variation of the columns to be bigger.


- Passage:
This modules are to make some kind of passage on your dungeon, and if you like it you can make some crazy maze with that.

Note: Every name from the modules is the name of the template.

This module can be use it inside or outside the dungeon.

- Traps:
Every trap has a tigger, inside the trigger there is the script: “DpsTriggerScript”. With this script you can edit how much damage the trap should do per tick. Also the traps has the Mighty Animation package.

Note: If you make the damage negative it will heal you.
Note: Every name from the modules is the name of the template.


- Decoration:
Well this package is not about decoration so I made 3 elements in case it can help you.

Note: Every name from the modules is the name of the template.

I’ve added some animated doors in case you want to implement it with the D11_Wall_Door. Every door has 1 trigger, so when the player enter the trigger the doors will open.




Last door name is “Doors (Animated) 3”

- Package Configuration:


To make everthing work as it should you have to put the “Health” package inside the player template, if you don’t make this the player will not die.

Mighty Animation:

All traps have the “Mighty Animation” package but in case you want to make something with that just add the script to the entitie you want.

@Mightykho Post.


This script must be inside a trigger. You can check the triggers of the traps to see how it works.

- Photos of examples:



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