Simple Sit and Occupy package

Name: Simple Sit and Occupy
By AdamO on Discord

The Simple Sit and Occupy package allows you to easily make use of any meshes that characters can sit and lie down on, including those with multiple seats, like the double sofas. When you interact, the player will sit on the nearest seat socket to them. By default, you can interact again, or jump, to leave the seat. If a socket is taken, another one will be used if possible. If all sockets are taken on an object, the player won’t sit.

How to use

  • Add the “PlayerOccupy” script folder template to your Player template.
  • Add an OccupyScript to any mesh with sockets that you can occupy (filter the library’s mesh tab by the “Chair” tag to find lots of these).
  • Choose which OccupyAsset to use (normally Sit), and add a prompt - probably “Sit”, or “Lie down” for beds.

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The sun lounger though :joy: