Skeleton Siege - Crayta Global Game Jam

Stadia/EGS Name: Funnyneck
Contributors: Turbotortoise7
Game Name: Skeleton Siege

Game Description:
An asymmetric siege pitting the living against the dead

  • As a Sorcerer, work together to take down the powerful Necromancer and their pesky Skeleton army
  • As the Necromancer, reach the throne room whilst transforming Sorcerers into Skeletons to do your bidding
  • As a Skeleton, assist your new master by slowing and shoving your former friends…

Minimum players : 3
Recommended : 4+ (the more the better!)

Packages Used: Modified versions of “Playing scripts” by AdamO_Crayta, “Magic Wand” by Iceland, “SwitchLight” by Joachim Samake, “Flickering Light” by nomaki, “Giving weapons to teams with different player templates” by ChunkyLoverMark, “Sword” by Lookwe, and “Teleporter Pads” by Russ

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