Skeleton Siege - Underworld Update

Contributors: Funnyneck, Turbotortoise7

Game Name: Skeleton Siege (Underworld Update)

This is our second major update following the initial release for the ‘Duality’ Global Game Jam. We received incredibly useful suggestions in our smaller playtests, Feedback Friday and the recent Community Play Along, which we have implemented in this expanded version of the game.

The main addition is an Underworld spawn point for the Skeletons, giving them the option of three teleporters into the castle, each of which provides easy access to two rooms. Skeletons now also fully freeze the Sorcerers who they hit, with clear effects to make the beginning and end of the ‘frozen’ state. We hope that these changes will make Skeletons more useful and less predictable.

We have made adjustments to spawn points, room layouts and health to improve the overall balance. AOE for Sorcerers has been reduced to make their damage more consistent and make it more difficult for them to defeat multiple Skeletons at once. Also, a timer has been added to ramp up the tension.

Finally, we have made some aesthetic changes to the castle for clarity and fixed various bugs. We have built a Package specifically for the ‘Skeleton Hand’ mesh so that others can easily set its state, loop the animation and customise its playback length.

Game Description:

An asymmetric siege pitting the living against the dead

  • As a Sorcerer, work together to take down the powerful Necromancer and their pesky Skeleton army
  • As the Necromancer, reach the throne room whilst transforming Sorcerers into Skeletons to do your bidding
  • As a Skeleton, assist your new master by slowing and shoving your former friends…

Minimum players: 3

Recommended: 4+ (the more the better!)

Packages Used: Modified versions of “Playing scripts” by AdamO_Crayta, “Magic Wand” by Iceland, “SwitchLight” by Joachim Samake, “Flickering Light” by nomaki, “Giving weapons to teams with different player templates” by ChunkyLoverMark, “Sword” by Lookwe, and “Teleporter Pads” by Russ

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