Small Starter Maps V1

This package contains 10 small maps for you to use and customize. None of these maps are meant to be final, they are meant to serve as a base to get you started.

Each map comes in 2 varieties: Styled and Base. Each of the Styled maps have a rough theme or biome to help show how the map might be used. The Base maps are all made of technical grid voxels and ready for you to theme.

To theme a map, I found it easiest to fill the Base with one voxel type and then use the Grow and Erode tools (on their lowest strength) to add other complimentary voxel types around the map. It feels a bit like painting. Hopefully I’ll make a youtube video of this process at some point.

Each map is either 1 or 2 voxel meshes, depending on if it has water/lava. That gives you plenty of room to decorate and make it your own. The scale for each map is 300x300 voxels.

If nothing else, I hope this package can provide some inspiration :slight_smile:

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