Smart Glass Package

Package Name: Smart Glass
Stadia/EGS Name: Plasma
Credits: Modified door script
Share link: Crayta

Package Description:
Smart Glass is a glass that can be switched from transparent to opaque. Smart Glass can become opaque on one or both sides.
Create one-way glass by setting one side to opaque or set both sides to opaque for the ultimate privacy glass.

Installation instructions:

  1. Install the Smart Glass package.
  2. Drop one of the SmartGlass templates into your world.
  3. Set the default Smart Film state properties as needed.


  • Smart Film A
  • Smart Film B
  • Diner Window
  • Modern Apartment French Door
  • Modern Apartment French Window
  • Shop Window
  • Window Glass Pane

Examples included with the package:

  • Observation Room - Players outside of the room are able to look through the glass into the inside of the room.
    Players inside of the room can’t see what is on the other side of the glass.

  • Backroom - Players outside of the room can’t see into the room through the glass. Players on the inside can see outside of the room.

  • Bathroom - When unoccupied, the glass is transparent making it easy to see if its available. When occupied the glass turns opaque on both sides.

  • Wall - A voxel wall with SmartFilm on both sides. One side is transparent and the other side is opaque. A script alternates each side.

  • Glass Panes - Toggling a pair of Glass Panes