Smoke Grenade (Joachim)

  1. Author Joachim Samake

  2. Package Name Smoke Grenade (Joachim)

  3. Package Description
    A smoke grenade is a canister-type grenade used as a signaling device, target or landing zone marking device, or as a screening device for unit movements.

  4. How to Use

Smoke Grenade (Joachim)

in the community tab, download it and put it in the world to interact with ‘E’ or put it directly in your user inventory.

defaults parameters…

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Love this package, I want more!!

Any plans to make a grenade that’s on a timer and damages the environment?

hi Marc, ya it s possible , even this smoke grenade has a private timer in the code

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Oh right, that would be great. I can’t find a decent Grenade package in Crayta so I’m sure this would be very useful. Really need one for my latest game so it would be much appreciated if you could make something for me at some point (I’m guessing you’re busy on the Jam)

Thank you.

which bomb mechanic with timing do you want?, anti-personnel mine explodes on contact or c4 with remote activation?

Oooh, good question. my first though was the traditional thrown grenades that go off after a few seconds. But the C4 remote version would also be awesome. Whatever you can sort would be great.

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