Smooth voxel rendering

Crayta allows worlds to quickly and easily be built from “voxels” (3D pixels), which allows for quick and easy world-building. However, this doesn’t necessarily work for all art styles, as it can lead to some things looking “blocky” which may not be desired for some landscapes.

This feature request suggests that there should be an option to allow “smooth rendering” of voxel terrains - this would mean that terrains are still built using the same voxel tools, but can look smooth rather than blocky.

This feature could help to create a wider variety of art styles within Crayta, allowing for smooth or blocky terrains, while keeping the familiar and easy-to-use voxel tools.

Votes on original board: 31


Who do i have to bribe to make this to a top priority? :face_with_hand_over_mouth: