Snake 2 - eat eggs and not run into each other

Snake 2
Multiplayer snake game featuring 6 types of special eggs in an ever shrinking world. Longest snake wins. See if you can make to the top ten among the peer to peer leaderboard.

2.15 - 7/29/2020
[feature]: added a snake head.
[bug fix]: sometimes when eating an egg, the screen shakes.
[bug fix]: optimization to make the game run a little smoother.
[bug fix]: resized hitbox on eggs to make them more easily eaten.

2.16 - 7/30/2020
[bug fix]: cap size of snake

2.17 - 8/2/2020
[feature]: add a timid A.I.
[misc]: reduced speed up from x2 to x1.5
[misc]: doubled width of wall lower chance of escaping the wall

2.18 - 9/2/2020
[feature]: replace p2p leaderboard with native leaderboard

2.19 - 9/4/2020
[bug]: add short delay to freeze player after spawning since input seems to be frozen while camera is panning.

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