Snap to grid is inconsisent

I think there might be an inconsistency with mesh placement/snap to grid

This mesh is rotated 90 degress. You can see it snaps to the grid such that the left hand side is relatively flush with the side of the floor.

But if you remove the rotation, it still snaps to be flush to the side of the floor - essentially shifting the middle of the mesh. You can see here that the middle of the mesh is dead center in the grid, whereas the first image is on the left half.

This means in order for me to properly place the mesh I have to place it at 0 rotation, snap it ot the grid, then rotate it 90 degrees and never touch it again

The reason I expect it to snap directly in the center of the grid is because that’s where the rail snaps:


Platform: Stadia
Crayta username: Cereal
Game seen in: Create Mode
Time + date seen: March 21 2021

Hi Cereal,

Thank you for the bug report!
I have submitted an ticket regarding the snapping inconsistencies you’ve encountered to our internal team for investigation.