Some questions about physics, vfx and cameras

While I see some basic physics on the docs, is there also a plan to make more complex physics available in the future like basic humanoid ragdolls, or simple inverse kinematics to make the avatar move his arms to an item for example? Do vehicle physics exist? Will we be able to create custom particle effects?

I think this would be pretty cool as it would also allow implementations of some popular game types.

Maybe I just didn’t see this and it’s already possible. Not sure about the vfx part.

I already saw that we’re able to change camera types to enable TPV and FPV, but does the player always need a mesh or could we easily make the camera object the player itself to allow building some RTS? Would we need to create our own mouse system?

Thanks in advance, really looking forward to July 1st. Great work :slight_smile:

I’m interested in doing vehicle physics when it comes out, too. I took a look at the tutorial and API docs they linked on the last stream and it seems it would be possible to script your own vehicles without any specific built-in things for vehicles. I’m thinking you could write your own script to calculate whatever physics constraints you want and then adding the resulting output of those constraints as a force.

For example, let’s say you want suspension for a car, you can get the position and velocity of the wheel and body relative to each other, then calculate the force for a spring and damper based on that info. The results of that calculation can be applied as a thrust to the wheel and body. This would have to be looped very quickly and keep track of the change in time between each loop of the calculations.

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I know nothing about coding but probably?

Easy vehicle set-up isn’t going to be in at launch, but it’s on the roadmap. A whole bunch of people have talked about it though, so who knows maybe someone will even put some vehicles they’ve bashed together with coding into the library before then.

Yeah, you can definitely do some different camera perspectives other than just third and first person, one of there previous streams actually had an isometric camera.

You would definitely have to do your own UI for a RTS though, keep in mind that everything is inherently built for controller and k/m so you couldn’t use all the keyboard keys for quick shortcuts people would need to select and place things with the ‘interact key’. Definitely doable though in theory and with enough coding.

Rest of the questions I’m not 100% on since they haven’t talked much about them, I’d guess custom particle effects would come with user asset import down the pipeline but that’s about all I can speculate on.

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I agree it’s possible but it also seems very inefficient considering that Unreal Engine has quite a lot of Physics integrated for this. Especially joints, wheels etc. would be helpful. But as this already is on the roadmap I’m looking foward to it. :slight_smile:

That’s great to hear! Looking foward to it, will be fun to see the first racing implementations in the future :slight_smile: Are you considering custom vehicle physics or will you “just” enable LUA bridging to the UE vehicle stuff?

That’s awesome. Thanks. Will have deeper look into this on July 1st :smiley:

Sure about the UI. But guess the missing mouse support was somehow expected. Sounds like quite some work.

Not sure about this. This would allow custom particle textures, but a VFX editor would still be needed to create the particle emitters and their configuration. Would be awesome to get support for some 3rd party tools via asset support like PopcornFX etc.

There’s not any hard plans currently on how it’ll be implemented currently.

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