Some videos do not work in forum

Describe the bug:
I’m not sure if this is actually the right place to post this. Maybe it is bug in the browser or in the forum.
The problem is that of videos on the forum cannot be played. For example here
Mighty Deployable Turret - Package Guides - Crayta
and here
Mighty Defense System - Package Guides - Crayta

Clicking on play has no effect. I tried with Edge and Chrome.

How do you cause this bug?

  • Go to links above and try to play videos at the top of the page

I had a similar issue like mighty. I use streamable too and i was able to fix the videos in my posts simply by updating the post (no changes other than adding a space somewhere and saving the changes). Not sure why this happens tho

I think maybe better not to use streamable then? One thing that worked for me is uploading vids to discord and link them from here.

See example here:
Colliding with a ghost voxel mesh - Bug Reports - Crayta
video is a link to discord CDN. I posted it several months ago and it seems to be still available

For me, discord videos are usually loading horribly slow (sometimes takes up to a few minutes for 7 second videos).

Hey there!

I have opened up a ticket so our internal Web team can take a look into this.

I do know that recent-past issues entered in the forum by Ya_shi_shi were affected and they were able to upload the videos after doing something on their side. :magic_wand: like magic! :magic_wand:

But we will hopefully get this resolved as soon as possible so that uploading videos will be without issues :slight_smile: