I created a package for a simple way to play music in a squared area (as opposed to using a standard sound round radius). This was to solve a problem I was having with sound bleeding through walls/floors of multi-floor structures. This also fades the music in gradually and fades the music out as they leave the trigger area.

Steps to use:

  1. Make sure you have the localHandlerScript on the user template. If you do not currently use this package, just add the script to the user.
  2. Drop the Soundbox template into your world, adjust the trigger size to fit the area.
  3. Change the music of the area sound to whatever sound you would like.
    -Be sure that the sound entity remains at 0 volume so that it does not play when the player is not in the area.
    -The sound is played only locally for the player entering the trigger and fades in and out upon entering/exiting at the speed you provided. I recommend leaving the values default for smooth fading.