✅ Sounds which are bugged:

This is the list of sounds that I have found which are bugged. You are unable to play them twice. The second play is a muted/corrupt version of the sound which does not trigger any audio but instead stops the sound. Try playing these sounds multiple times in the Sound pane and you will see the issue. Click once, sound plays, click again, no sound etc.

Additionally, Door Jail Open1,2 and 3 are all the same sound.

Door Jail Open
Door Jail Open 2
Door Jail Open 3
Door Jail Close


Hi Dry_Coast,

Thank you for your bug report!
I’ve noted your issue and have reported it to our internal team for investigation.

This issue has been fixed in next patch, thank you for the report!

FYI - I’ve noticed the sounds have been changed but the bug still exists that the sound cannot be played twice. The second time it is played - it is an empty sound. Not sure if that is coming with the next patch or if it was intended to be fixed this one because the sounds did change with the last patch.

Hi Dry_Coast,

I’ll look further into the issue and reopen the ticket.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Hi Les - this was fixed in today’s patch. The sounds were fixed 3 days ago (to different sounds) but the replay bug was fixed today so this is good to be closed now.


Thanks for the heads up Dry_Coast,

I’ve updated the issue to let our team know it has been fixed!