Space Settlement Parts

Package name: Space Settlement Parts
Creator: AdamO in Discord

The Space Settlement Parts package is a collection of pieces that allow you to quickly build space settlements. The pack currently includes a “Pod”, which can act either as a room or as a connector between tunnels, 2 tunnel variants (with and without windows), and a “cap” which can go on the ends of a tunnel or pod to block it off.

To use, simply install the package and then use the templates that start with “Settlement_”. They are designed to snap together easily (you may want to adjust your grid size to 0.5 at the top of the editor). It is intended that the yellow archways overlap at the ends of two connected tunnel pieces, but “double up” where the tunnels connect to a pod.

Pods are 32x32 voxels, tunnels are 32x20 voxels.

The plan is that more parts will be added to this pack in future.