Spaced Out - Asteroid Belt Logistics

The greatest treasure of all lies ripe for the taking - the vast, unfathomable riches of the Kuiper Belt. Nearly infinite wealth is just floating around in space, waiting for someone to pick it up!

Well that someone could be you, with this asset pack.

It includes the following:

To use, just drag and drop the templates into your game. Every one is made up of 100% pure genuine bon-a-fide meshes, so you can freely rescale them to your heart’s content. The font size of the signs might need to be adjusted, however.

The Asteroids:

I highly suggest you try randomly spawning them in at different scales and rotations, for maximum variety. Perhaps you can check out the Ephemeral Particle System to do just that? :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, there’s one more

Looks nice and normal, but what’s with the blue thing?


Oh no! It’s a stealth mine laid by those dastardly coalition fighters! Better steer clear or else it’ll chase you down and blow up!

The Space Train Cars:

Note: To get these to lay flat, adjust the… pitch? (x dimension of rotation) by 10

On this basic, empty freight cart the latest in clever design from megacorporation Umehara/Park, you can see the self powered engine that provides additional forward thrust, as well as the patented Mag-Lok™ connector, which provides a current that keeps one car from drifting too far from the next.

Have something more sensitive to send? Why not try one of our new FreshAyr™ Climate Controlled cars? Monitor their pressure and don’t forget to keep the water tank topped up to keep your precious goods alive! Our autonomous BlastGard™ laser drone will keep this extra sensitive cargo safe, free of charge.

Of course, you aren’t getting these babies anywhere without a state of the art

Umehara/Park Freight Engine

Dual Microgen Thrusters provide steady, reliable power, capable of safely bringing near limitless amounts of cargo at a safe speed from the Belt to Pluto Station within 2 years, guaranteed*

*exceptions apply

An isomer powered rail gun, two laser cannons, a ship-buster cannon, as well as an autonomous turret provide plenty of firepower to scare off any would be pirates.

If freight isn’t your speed, though why not try out hiring some

Qwik ‘n’ Saf Semi-Autonomous Cargo Carrier

Trust Qwik’n’Saf with your precious cargo and they promise* to deliver it quickly and safely, or not at all!

*delivery may be slow and/or not arrive

For a nominal fee, you can put your own advertisement on the side, letting everyone know whose cargo they just stole or blew up!

To salvage that why not rent out a

Umehara/Park Garbage Junk

Truly the highlight of this package, Umehara/Park’s Garbage Junk is their top of the line waste management ship. Named after the proud Chinese ships from back when people still sailed, the Garbage Junk should be your first choice when it comes to anything that involves moving stuff!

The Garbage Junk comes equipped with plenty of lights and spare parts storage, as well as some light weaponry.

It also has a towing magnet, powered by Umehara/Park’s Mag-Lok™ technology. Perfect for wrangling any cargo containers or ore or people that get misplaced!

Hegemony Light Interceptor

If you truly want the best in cargo protection, however, and fancy yourself a government person, the latest Hegemony Light Interceptor is a vehicle built with two purposes: going fast, and blowing things up. As with all their ships, their motto is safety second, efficiency first.

It’s got lasers, it’s got a ship-buster, it even has dual cannons that fire old fashioned bullets.

If you ever wondered what would happen if you strapped a capital ship class engine to a ship-buster cannon, well, this is what you get. Includes an intimidating sharkfin design that helps protect the optional control mech on its back. With a control mech, nobody has to risk their lives driving this deadly thing.

Unless the control mech turns on you. Mutiny prevention programs can be installed for an additional fee.

Tektuff Deep Space Listening Station

If you really want to know exactly what’s going on with your precious cargo, and don’t mind working with a corporation whose leaders have had their morality surgically removed, why not rent a timeslot with one of Tektuff’s many listening stations? Each hour of surveillance only costs 1% of your profit for the day!

If I have time, I’d like to add a few more things to this package before the end of the jam, but the package is out now and ready for you to dive into! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: